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FFRD Exhibit

FFRD Wilmington Train Station Exhibit

Between June of 2009 and March of 2011 the Amtrak Wilmington Station (now the Joseph R. Biden Jr. Railroad Station) underwent a significant renovation to return the station to its past splendor, provide new comforts to passengers, highlight its architectural heritage, and introduce new energy efficient features.

A centerpiece of the renovation, at least from FFRD's humble point of view, was the construction of a large exhibit, funded in part by FFRD, highlighting Wilmington's Railroad Heritage. FFRD Exhibit.

The exhibit greets travelers in the station explaining the significance of Frank Furness, his architecture, and the impact of railroads on the industrial, economic and social development of Wilmington.

FFRD Exhibit. FFRD Exhibit. FFRD Exhibit.
FFRD Exhibit. FFRD Exhibit. FFRD Exhibit.

Visitors to the exhibit are able to take a copy of the tri-fold brochure pictured below. Click the image to download a PDF version of the brochure for yourself.
FFRD Tri-Fild Brochure.

For the work associated with the exhibit and promoting Wilmington's historic role in the railroads, FFRD received an official commendation from Wilmington City Council.
FFRD Commendation.

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