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Friends of the Furness Railroad District

Welcome to the official home of Friends of the Furness Railroad District (FFRD). Since 2006, FFRD has been dedicated to preserving and promoting the value and history of the Wilmington Train Station and nearby buildings designed by Frank Furness. We are also interested in the rich heritage of Wilmington, Delaware and the role that railroads and the Christina riverfront have played in its development.

FFRD looks to encourage genuine excitement and enthusiasm in the local community by recognizing the unique and historic value of the Wilmington Railroad Station (1907-1908) and the cluster of Frank Furness railroad architecture at the Riverfront. We have, and will continue to provide a series of events and educational promotions that extend our message to an ever widening circle of school age children and the public at large.

FFRD is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, governed by a Board of Directors consisting of public, private and nonprofit representatives.

Robins' Talk a Great Success!

The talk at Winterthur on September 17, 2013 was a great success and we had a capacity crowd of almost 300 people, which gave Mr. Robins an enthusiastic round of applause after his interesting discussion of the Grand Central Terminal in NYC from its early versions to the present terminal. He showed pictures of the earlier buildings which were successively replaced by larger versions, culminating in the 1913 building we see today. His book, Grand Central Terminal:100 Years of a New York Landmark, is available from Abrams Publishers. We wish to thank our co-sponsors, Winterthur, Hagley Museum, and the Delaware Historical Society, as well as Amtrak. The Friends of the Furness Railroad District is dedicated to educating the public about the history of rail travel and historic railroad stations which connected with the Wilmington, Delaware Pennsylvania Station designed by Frank Furness.

Robins Talk at Winterthur

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